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What Is a Private Equity Firm?

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A private equity company is an investment firm that raises funds to help companies grow by buying stakes. This is different from individual investors who buy stock in publicly traded companies which pay dividends, but doesn’t grant them direct influence over the company’s operations and decisions. Private equity firms invest in groups of companies, referred to as portfolios, and are looking to control of these businesses.

They will often buy a company that has potential for improvement. They then implement changes to improve efficiency, decrease costs, and grow the business. Private equity firms might use debt to buy and take over a company, a process known as a leveraged purchase. They then sell the company at an profit and collect management fees from the companies within their portfolio.

This recurring cycle of purchasing, enhancing and selling can be lengthy and costly for businesses particularly small ones. Many companies are searching for alternative funding methods to allow them access to working capital without having the management fees of an PE company added.

Private equity firms have pushed back against stereotypes that portray them as squatters of corporate assets, highlighting their management expertise and examples of transformations that have been successful for their portfolio companies. Critics, such as U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren argues that private equity’s main focus is on quick profits, which undermines long-term goals and damages workers.

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